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Our Global Coach Community includes more than 100 business coaches working in 45 countries. We specialize in leadership coaching, team coaching, coaching supervision, mentoring, and global leadership development. Our clients include teams of internal coaches as well as global leaders.

We contract for single coaching assignments or large engagements. We do all kinds of coaching, ranging from remedial to transformational. We excel in providing 360-feedback and helping leaders improve their skills. We particularly enjoy working with high-potentials as they accelerate through key leadership transitions. Our coaches are exceptional independent practitioners at the height of their coaching game who choose to work independently yet appreciate opportunities to collaborate on large global projects.

This section contains bios for about half of the coaches. Move your mouse over the continents and click to see the coaches who are working in each region. If you are interested in contacting anyone or contracting with a group of the global coaches, please send email to coach at or call the Peakinsight office at +1-970-247-1180.

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If you are interested in joining our Global Coach Community, send email to Katherine "at"

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North America

Tom Bepler (US: California)
Marilena Beuses (US: Florida)
Chris Brannen (US: California)
Joshua Ehrlich (US: New York)
Dayna Fellows (US: Bethesda, MD)
Michael Frisch (US: New York)
Barbara Glacel (US: Washington, DC)
Damian Goldvarg (US: California)
Cheryl Green (US: Washington, DC)
Nur Gryskiewicz (US: Alexandria, VA)�
Ellen Harvey (US: Bethesda, MD)
Katherine Holt (US: California and Colorado)
Pamela Kennedy (US: Texas)
Gillian Khoo (US: California and Washington, DC)
Karen Metzger (US: New York)
Emmy Miller (US: Philadelphia, PA)
Marilyn O'Hearne (US: Kansas)
Dick Olson (US: Minnesota)
Jevon Powell (US: Washington)
Jeremy Robinson (US: New York)
Regina Romero (US: Washington, DC)
Chuck Scharenberg (US: Illinois)
Donna Sylvan (US: Georgia)
Richard Tanenbaum (US: Washington, DC)
Therese Tong (US: California)
Daisy Tse (US: Texas)
Nancy Tylim (US: California)
Vicki Vandaveer (US: Texas)
Randy White (US: North Carolina)
Ellen Wingard (US: Massachusetts)
Teresa Woodland (US: Pennsylvania)

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Latin America

Alex Marquez (Mexico)
Carlos Paulet (Peru)
Ramiro Ponce (Guatemala)
Eva Hirsch Pontes (Brazil)

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Sara Ais (Spain)
Gamze Bayraktaroglu (Turkey)
Yael Beaudoin (Israel)
Carol Braddick (UK)
Sofia Calheiros (Portugal)
Vassilis Chantziaras (Greece)
Svetlana Chumakova (Russia)
Nigel Cumberland (UK)
Agata Dulnik (Poland)
Anna Ferrero (Germany)
Jimmy Fischer (Ireland)
Ewa Francis (London & Poland)
Tine Gaihede (Denmark)
Dennis J�rstad (Norway)
Andrea Klincokova (Czech Republic)
Iris Kuhnert (Germany)
Alla Kuznetsova (Russia)
Linda Laddin (France)
Kerstin Laubsch (Germany)
Kathryn Libioulle-Clutz (France)
Claire Palmer (UK)
Ursula Peter-Heinrich (Austria)
Diarmuid Ryan (Ireland)
Gila Seritcioglu (Turkey)
Vitor Sevilhano (Portugal)
Francesca Vender (Italy)
Marta Williams (Spain)
Virginia Williams (Switzerland)
Henry Zinglersen (Denmark)

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Jesudas Andrade (India)
Jean-Francois Cousin (Bangkok, Thailand)
Michael Heah (Malaysia)
Katherine Holt (Bimonthly travel to Japan)
Himanshu Jani (India)
Maneesha Kapur (India)
Uday Khedkar (India)
Kyoko Seki (Japan)
Kai Foong Tan (Singapore)
Takashi Tanaka (Japan)

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Sharon Jansen (South Africa)
Nobantu Mpotulo (South Africa)
Matt Shelley (South Africa)

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Connie Henson (Sydney)

If you are interested in joining our Global Coach Community, send email to Katherine "at"

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