Kerstin Laubsch

Kerstin Laubsch is a senior consultant, coach and interims manager. She provides high quality consulting services and has coached senior leaders in a variety of companies in areas including strategic planning, change management, building effective teams, conflict resolution, delegation, motivating others and career planning. For many years, Kerstin has designed and carried out management development programs and intercultural team trainings for multiple organizations. She is experienced in Interims Management, building up organizational and personnel development structures for international companies with growing businesses in Germany.

Kerstin studied psychology and business administration at the Technical University of Aachen and the University of Hamburg (Germany). She took part in a four-year course in Gestalt training at the Heel Institute / Netherlands. Kerstin prepared her Ph.D. thesis in 1993 on the evaluation of personnel selection procedures for operators of complex technical systems while working for the German Aerospace Research Establishment (DLR), where she started her career. There she was responsible for the selection of air traffic controllers and pilots and she developed and conducted an astronaut team-building program for the Canadian Space Agency.

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