Chuck Scharenberg

Chuck has been a business advisor and executive coach for more than 20 years. He has supported more than 400 senior leaders and middle managers, including those in Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Biotechnology, healthcare, and Government; and has worked with clients internationally. He has had significant success in helping clients expand their abilities regarding Vision and Strategy, Business Acumen, Empowering Teams and Organizations, and Managing Significant Organizational Changes.

Chuck has extensive experience in corporate management. As Corporate Operations Officer of a for-profit healthcare corporation with a diverse mix of services, he designed executive development programs that improved retention rates for high-potential performers and improved business unit performance. As a Corporate Director of a not-for-profit healthcare corporation, he reduced costs and increased patient satisfaction for client organizations through contract management services and consultation.

Chuck’s coaching philosophy is based on the concept of Kaizen, a Japanese word meaning incremental growth and continuous improvement, by doing little things better. By breaking a business strategy down into sub-components (and sub-sub-components), difficult goals become doable. Through active work on the ‘little things”, clients report that they achieve lasting results. Results that connect directly to the goals of the organization.

Chuck holds a Master of Arts Degree in Business from the University of Iowa. He is certified through the B/Coach Systems business coaching program and the Goldsmith Coaching Process, (a coaching method focusing on the refinement of executive behaviors, developed by Marshall Goldsmith). He is also a Master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Clients have found that Chuck helped them set clear expectations for their professional development that supported the performance goals for success for their organization. In brief, they say that he provided them with the structures necessary for them to achieve their goals and commitments.

Chuck is an avid bicycle rider, cross country skier, ethnic cook, reader, and fitness enthusiast. He also enjoys travel adventures with his family.

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