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Katherine Holt specializes in transformational coaching, working with executives to achieve breakthrough possibilities for themselves and their businesses. She helps clients build authentic relationships with diverse stakeholders and engage everyone in addressing key challenges. She designs programs to develop leaders who will grow healthy and sustainable organizations as well as high performing ones.

Her coaching clients range from high potentials being groomed for senior roles and wider responsibilities to executives whose careers may be in jeopardy if they cannot modify particular aspects of their leadership style or behavior. She helps clients visualize specific changes they want to make to improve their effectiveness, then set concrete objectives and develop dynamic action plans. Katherine leverages her background in assessment-based behavior change to offer event-based coaching and role-playing to help clients practice handling crucial interactions.

Katherine’s niche is global leadership development in Asia-Pacific. She managed a consulting firm in Tokyo and did coaching throughout the region from 1993-2000. She now commutes between California, Colorado, and Asia – where she continues to coach local nationals, facilitate the development of cross-cultural teams, and support the on-boarding of expatriates. She conducts bimonthly Global Leader Labs in Tokyo and advanced coach training in Shanghai.

Change, innovation and sustainability are her paradoxical passions. Katherine uses various tools and approaches to help companies change their cultures and enhance innovation in teams. She challenges clients to take a systemic view of change. She promotes the adoption of sustainable practices to eliminate waste and achieve triple bottom line results.

Dr. Holt earned her Ph.D. in Industrial Relations from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. She served on ASTD’s Board of Directors from 2000-2002, then received their lifetime professional service award in 2005 and became one of their first CPLP Fellows in 2012. Her research on global leadership has been published in ASTD’s T+D magazine as well as SIOP’s Industrial-Organizational Psychologist journal. Recent clients include Agilent Technologies, Apple, BlackRock, BMW, Colgate/Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Diageo, Donaldson, Gap, Microsoft, St. Jude Medical, 3M, and World Bank – as well as other consulting firms.

Katherine Holt, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 910, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
P.O. Box 3487, Durango, CO 81302
Phone: +1-970-247-1180
Global Cell: +1-650-339-5579

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My coaching approach is based on what the client needs along with their personal energy/motivation. I am thoroughly grounded in an assessment-based, behavioral change approach to coaching. I've worked with some extremely talented clients whose careers were in jeopardy if they couldn't change certain aspects of their behavior. This type of coaching is skill-based, somewhat like having a personal trainer. I help clients learn and practice new behaviors, often using videotaping. Over the years my focus has shifted to helping organizations accelerate the development of high potentials. This type of coaching focuses more on helping people leverage their talents, maximize action learning opportunities, and often contribute to organizational change as well. I often start with 360-degree feedback to get rich behavioral data from multiple perspectives and conduct a stakeholder analysis to help the client identify critical relationship priorities. I may use interviews or other tools to develop a comprehensive picture of the person's strengths and challenges. I help the client set concrete coaching objectives and develop an action plan. After that I typically do event-based coaching, focusing on what the client is doing at work and how to achieve positive change. I do role-playing to help them increase their personal confidence and impact in handling crucial interactions. I also serve as a sounding board, asking questions that help clients reflect on their experience.

A3 Leaderhip Inventory
Ambiguity Architect
Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
Global Competencies Inventory
Global Mindset Inventory
Global Personality Inventory
Hogan Leadership Forecast Series
Innovation Horizons 360
KAI (Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory)
KEYS to Creativity

Agilent Technologies
Air Products and Chemicals
Ford Motor
General Motors
Hill's Pet Nutrition
JP Morgan Chase
Pharmacia Upjohn
Sun Microsystems

"Katherine was able to analyze my leadership style and guide me to my own self discovery about what was effective and more importantly, what was leading to less than optimal results. Her approach was individualized and focused on achieving tangible changes that produced measurable impact. Several years later I am still referring to the notes from my sessions with Katherine and still growing as a result of my self-insight from her coaching support. It is indeed rare when one can gain a self-sustaining focus on leadership growth and maturity from working with someone for a relatively short time."
President, pharmaceuticals firm

"Katherine establishes an easy, comfortable rapport, and then creates a conversation that ever-so-subtly leads to self discovery. It's an amazing phenomenon. Each of my managers and I created our own improvement plans. I've never seen a better example of turning the theoretical concept of 'getting people to embrace the idea of improvement' into a practical reality."
Senior VP, computer services firm

"Katherine has valuable insights into the most effective ways of interacting with different people. Once I could visualize how my "one-size-fits-all" approach would be perceived by people with whom I interacted at work, I could identify what changes I needed to make in order to improve my relationships with each of them."
CFO, financial services firm

"Katherine is committed to digging deep with Executives in helping them attain break-away impacts in improved effectiveness. She helps you identify your passions and gifts and gain greater leverage from them for a more effective and rewarding experience."
Regional Director, computer firm

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