Ursula Peter-Heinrich

Ursula Peter-Heinrich specializes in development coaching, encouraging clients to unfold and live their full personal and professional potential. One of her passions is energy management - helping individuals and organizations to achieve performance with joy and to experience flow. She guides individual and corporate clients to install effective communication tools and channels, and to use innovative and enriching approaches to conflict resolution and decision making. Ursula encourages collaboration and co-opetition.

Ursula’s coaching approach is systemic and positive. Based on positive psychology, on the effectuation© entrepreneurial approach, and on radical solution-focus, she uses and develops positive leadership and positive change concepts for and with her corporate clients. Her work focuses on managing complexity effectively and on balancing personal and professional needs. Special focus areas are lateral leadership; expert careers; virtual team cooperation; and motivation.

Ursula has 9 years of experience as a licensed business consultant and professional coach, and 23 years of corporate experience in finance, trade and industry. She has worked as a leadership and communication trainer and consultant for corporations and for universities, and she has held management positions in HR, finance, sales, purchasing, IT and legal. Her international experience covers Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the UK, the USA, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Romania. Ursula`s clients are executives, managers, project managers, and senior experts.

Dr. Peter-Heinrich earned her MBA in International Commerce and her Ph.D. from Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. She holds the following certifications: Expert Systemic Coach, Certified Constellation Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Certified Wing Wave Coach, and Certified Systemic Consultant. She has served on the Austrian Board of the International Coach Federation, and on Central European Exchange Networks for HR experts.

Ursula believes in building bridges – between cultures, between industries, between in-house opposed interests, between partners in conflict. With radical respect for people’s and organizations’ needs, and equally radical disrespect for existing beliefs and patterns, she enjoys challenging clients’ established views and explanations, and helping them to open windows on new perspectives and new hypotheses, leading to new and more flexible mindsets. Ask her about her experience with the Mind Clearing dialogue approach and the results it produces.

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