Peakinsight offers coaching, leadership development and organizational change consulting. What sets us apart is our focus on collaborative learning, innovation, and sustainability.
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We operate as a virtual organization of senior practitioners. Our members are independent business owners who have invested our professional reputations in delivering exceptional services to local markets where we live and work.

Peakinsight manages several global networks, with some members belonging to multiple networks (e.g., coaching, leadership, assessment) depending on their qualifications and interests. The global coach network has over 100 coaches in 35 countries. Our members are equipped to provide a variety of executive coaching and leadership development services. Our coaches understand the strategic and talent management challenges facing organizations today. We have extensive experience coaching executives in multinational and Fortune 500 firms.

We offer services in five areas:
  • Coaching supports executives in transforming their leadership approach and accelerating their development.
  • Leadership Development equips people with new leadership skills and a common language to increase alignment and improve performance.
  • Innovation builds and expands organizational capacity to generate new solutions.
  • Sustainability encourages the rethinking of waste to create more sustainable organizations and a stronger triple bottom line (i.e., valuing people and planet as well as profit).
  • Organizational Change helps leaders engage the hearts and minds of everyone to pursue positive change.
We help individuals, teams, and organizations with various kinds of changes. We help people become more proactive in addressing their business challenges as well as building leadership capabilities in their organizations.

We tend to follow the same basic steps in working with clients on each type of change:

  1. Conducting a stakeholder analysis
  2. Envisioning the desired future state
  3. Analyzing the current situation, including capabilities
  4. Developing a strategy/plan for change
  5. Coaching implementation efforts
  6. Conducting "after action" reviews 
  7. Evaluating results

Creative Evolution

Our Creative Evolution menu can help you find solutions to thrive in any environment while creating an evolutionary culture that will help you sense and respond to new challenges. Our experienced, bilingual global team can help you generate new insights and opportunities for sustainability in co-evolution with your key stakeholders around the world.

All Peakinsight services take advantage of several delivery methods featuring different levels of collaborative learning:

  • Personal Coaching: working with individuals to deepen insight, leverage strengths, acquire new skills, and change behavior.
  • Equipping Talent Builders: transferring key knowledge and strategies to people who will use that to develop and support others.
  • Action Learning: designing and conducting experiential activities where participants learn from each other while solving real problems.
  • Organizational Transformation: analyzing issues from a systems perspective and working with groups to implement sustainable changes.

Please see the SERVICES menu for information about specific offerings.

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