Katherine Holt

Founding member, Peakinsight LLC and Global Coach LLC

Katherine Holt provides global talent management and leadership development consulting. She works with clients to identify changing role requirements and strategic competencies for upgrading talent. She helps companies revamp competency models and design new approaches to improve multicultural effectiveness � including tools for assessing and developing people in different cultures. She also may serve as an outsourcing liaison to facilitate the integration of services from multiple vendors.

Transformational coaching and team coaching are her twin passions � working with global executives and their teams to achieve breakthrough possibilities for themselves and their businesses. Katherine designs programs to develop leaders who will grow healthy and sustainable organizations as well as high performing ones. She challenges clients to take a systemic view, build relationships with diverse stakeholders and engage everyone in change. Her collaborative learning approach sparks new possibilities for introducing innovation and gaining alignment.

Prior to launching Peakinsight LLC in 2000, Katherine worked for Personnel Decisions International (PDI), where she developed the PROFILOR� 360 family and established PDI Japan in 1993. She continues traveling regularly to Asia-Pacific, where she coaches local nationals, supports the on-boarding of expatriates, facilitates the development of cross-cultural teams, and helps companies develop the talent they need to succeed in new markets.

Global Coach LLC is her latest venture, launched in 2017 to support the development of global coaches and global leaders around the world. In partnership with other vendors along with her Global Coach community of 100+ coaches in 35 countries, she provides executive coaching, team coaching, global leadership development, and/or coaching supervision to organizations such as AbbVie, Agilent Technologies, Apple, BlackRock, Capcom, Diageo, Equity One, Gap, Colgate/Hill�s Pet Nutrition, Microsoft, Santen, St. Jude Medical, 3M, and World Bank Group.

Dr. Holt received her Ph.D. in Industrial Relations from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. She is certified in a variety of tools including Cultural Intelligence (CQ), Global Competencies Inventory (GCI), Global Mindset Inventory (GMI), Hogan Leadership Forecast Series, and Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). Over the past decade, she has spent 25% of her time providing pro bono coaching and consulting to various non-profits and professional associations. She received ASTD�s lifetime professional service award in 2005 and was honored as their first CPLP Fellow in 2012. She organizes regular global assessment summits and benchmarking surveys for people from intercultural and I/O psychology consulting firms to discuss common challenges and share best practices. Her article on �Global Leadership: A Developmental Shift for Everyone� appeared in the June 2012 issue of SIOP�s IOP journal.

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