Dialogue Invitation

Here are some questions to help you conduct your own needs analysis:
  1. Are your leaders focused on short-term results rather than long-term success?
  2. Do employees describe your management practices and/or HR systems as controlling?
  3. Are your people held captive by their past and present success (i.e., unwilling to rock the boat)?
  4. Are you wasting product and packaging materials?
  5. Are people afraid of change in your organization? Are they afraid to talk about what really matters?
  6. Are you cloning your present leaders and discouraging leadership diversity?
  7. Is there high (unacceptable) turnover among people viewed as innovators and entrepreneurs?
  8. Do primary innovations seem few and far between? Are people afraid to take risks?
  9. Do people see global warming and other environmental problems as someone else's responsibility?
  10. Do your systems and processes focus on maintaining the status quo?

If any "Yes" answers to these questions cause you concern or spark the need for exploration, Peakinsight invites you to call Katherine or send an email to katherine at Engaging in the questions can be a great first step for changing your world.