Francesca Romana Vender

Francesca Romana’s experience in continuous learning and executive education starts in 1992 Rome, Milan, Bruxelles where she continues working as a consultant, researcher and facilitator. Her interests cover innovation and developing organizations where the empowering of the leadership mindset awareness is a strategical part of the working life. For the past 15 years, Francesca has been working as a specialist and senior consultant in private companies in designing sustainable programs to create a professionally skilled workforce for the ICT sector. This activity involves continuous interaction with industrial partners, HR staff, academic and research bodies.

Since 2002, Francesca Vender has been working as executive coach and trainer to the most important national companies in Italy. Her executive coaching and counseling activities have involved more than 750 people. Francesca has been focusing on leadership development over the last several years and she has ICF Associate Coaching Certification and a second degree in organizational psychology.

She is also accredited as a trainer in Accenture-USA and Lore International Institute, worldwide leader in personal development and partner of The Change Partnership. Their mission is working with big companies in an international setting. She is a faculty member of the School of Management in Politecnico di Milano, Università Torvergata, Consel-Rome in organizational behaviour and developing organization.

Her clients enjoy her coaching approach as it is very focused on practical problem-solving combined with emotional intelligence and competence. The approach she uses helps people to have a basis for inspiration, to explore their own leadership, engage in dialogue and challenge others, and create new conditions to manage their changes. Her continuous growth is an essential part of her career and by that Francesca is able to inspire people, ensuring her personal commitment from the very start of a relationship. Since 1992, Francesca has built a personal network in and out of Italy in order to work with strong, ethical, committed people around Europe.

Her academic achievements include Post- Graduate in Law - Napoli 1988; Executive programme in Human Resources SDA Bocconi Milan 2000.

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