Cheryl Green

Cheryl L. Green is the President of Green Resource Group, LLC, a Bethesda, Maryland based consulting firm committed to leadership and organization effectiveness. Over the past twenty years, Cheryl has helped individuals, teams and organizations navigate through mazes of complexity and ambiguity to clarify the business issues that must be addressed, and to develop strategies to solve them.

As a former corporate executive, she understands business operations and the bottom line. Dr. Green’s unique ability to blend her marketing, strategy, and psychology backgrounds in advising executives on mission-critical business projects that are jeopardized by people issues has earned her nationwide recognition as an exceptionally effective facilitator of change. She’s been called a “master of what’s said and not said” in working with clients to expose the ‘undiscussables’ that keep long-standing issues from being resolved.

Cheryl has experience working with executive teams and coaching individuals in Fortune 500 companies, top tier professional service firms, non-profit and government entities. She is equally comfortable working in manufacturing environments with line operators, in operations with union and non-union employees, as well as with the senior executives. Cheryl is also an Associate with Oliver Wyman Leadership Development, a global strategic leadership development company specializing in action learning and coaching, where she has worked with senior executives from Fortune 500 companies.

Before founding her firm, Cheryl was Vice President of Human Resource Development at Sodexho Marriott Services, Director of Executive Development and Organization Effectiveness at Motorola, and Associate Marketing Manager and Strategy Manager at the NutraSweet Company. She has been quoted in numerous newspapers (Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times) and business publications (Fortune, CEO Refresher) on strategies to enhance effective leadership and the promotion and retention of women and minorities.

Cheryl holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, an MBA with concentrations in Marketing, Organization Behavior and Management Policy from Northwestern University, and a BA in Psychology from Yale University.

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